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Multipurpose Inhalation Cage (MIC) Unit

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Product Name: Multipurpose Inhalation Cage (MIC) Unit
Product Type: MIC
Exhibitors: SIBATA
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Pace-saving Multipurpose Inhalation Cage (MIC) Unit is designed for small laboratory room. Downsized inhaltion chamber requires less amount of test substances, so lower runnning cost can be expected.

Multipurpose Inhalation Cage (MIC) Unit  A detailed description of

The brand-new Multipurpose Inhalation Cage (MIC) unit is user and animal friendly wholebody inhalation exposure chamber.

Compact wholebody inhalation exposure system 
Traditional large-sized wholebody inhalation chambers requires huge installation space. Space-saving Multipurpose Inhalation Cage (MIC) Unit is designed for small laboratory room. Downsized inhaltion chamber requires less amount of test substances, so lower runnning cost can be expected.

Various product line-up
Depending on experimental purpose and number of animals, you can choose/combine the MIC unit(s).

Stress-free testing condition for animals
One big issue of nose only exposure is to force laboratory animals to be holded long period of time with restraint animal holder. Also, laboratory personnel are required lots of complicated daily works. MIC unit realizes no restraint exposure condition for laboratory animals which is advantage of whole body exposure method, and user friendly design for daily laboratory operation. 

Comfortable testing environment for animals
MIC unit consists of breeding cage type inhalation chamber which is compliant with AAALAC standard. The chamber is made from clear resin, so it makes experimenters easily observe animals during experiment. 

Homogeneous aerosol distribution
Special structure of MIC makes it possible to distribute aerosol homogeneously within the chamber. Concentration of each chamber can be individually controlled easily and accurately. 

Integrated measuring instruments
MIC unit comes with integrated measuring instruments such as thermometer, pressure gauge, and air flow meters. Sampling ports are also available for various sensors to measure test environment data. 

Exhaust treatment system
Efficient exhaust air treatment system including pre-filter, activated carbon filter, and HEPA filter for occupational health and environment concern.

Multipurpose Inhalation Cage (Exposure Chamber)

Exposure chamber can hold up to 5 rats or 10 mouses. Clean air and test substance are mixed before aerosol inlet, then the mixed air spread into exposure chamber. Exhaust outlet is just underneath of the stainless mesh boad which is living area of laboratory animals. This downflow structure makes no contamination of flesh and dirty air. (all fresh air with test substance)
The pressure inside the exposure chamber shall be kept negative pressure during the experiment, so no air leakage will happen. Llaboratory personell can easily check the pressure of chamber with integrated pressure gauge.

Model Lineup

 Model  # of Chamber  # of Animals
 SBT-MIC-A01  1  Mouse(10/10)
 1 concentration  -
 SBT-MIC-A03  3  Mouse(10/30)
 3 concentration
(2 concentration, 1 control)
 SBT-MIC-A06  6  Mouse(10/60)
 6 concentration
(5 concentration, 1 control)
 3 concentration
(2 concentration, 1 control)

Optional nose only exposure holder

You may use this optional nose only exposure holder, to upgrad the MIC unit as nose only inhalation exposure system. Each exposure chamber holds 5 rats nose only holders or 10 mouse nose only holders.


Inhalation Chamber:
1. Structure: Consists of clear plastic cage, Hopper feed, Aerosol inlet
2. Exposure Method: Whole body inhalation exposure method shall be used.
3. Number of Animals: 5 rats/cage, 10 mouse/cage
(Also suitable for guinea pig, hamster)
4. Test substance:
a. Organic solvent gas; up to 2000 ppm (toluene)
b. Dust; up to 5 mg/litter
c. Mist; up to 1 mg/litter
d. Complex mixtures; cigarette smoke, autoexhaust
5. Test environment conditions:
a. Temperature; Room temperature
b. Humidity; Room humidity
c. Differential pressure; 0 to -250 Pa
d. Ventilation; 10 to 40 RPH
6. External Size: 320 x 550 x 455 mm

Rack system:
1. Number of chambers: See model no. list next page.
2. Measuring instruments: Ventilation air flow meter, Pressure gauge (Inside chamber), Dilution air flow meter, Temperature gauge.
3. Accessory: Test substance distributor, Dilution air mixing chamber.
4. Material: Stainless steel SUS304
5. External Size:
a. Rack for 3 chambers; W1400 x D700 x H1590 mm with caster and adjuster
b. Rack for 6 chambers; W1400 x D700 x H1850 mm with caster and adjuster

Supply and exhaust air treatment unit:
1. Features: Inverter control for supply and exhaust air.
2. Recorder: Paperless recorder
3. Supply air treatment: HEPA filter
4. Exhaust air treatment: Pre-filter, Activated carbon filter, HEPA filter
5. Material (Rack): Stainless steel SUS304
6. Power: AC100V 15A with integrated power outlet
7. External Size: W700 x D600 x H900 mm with caster and adjuster
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