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Product Name: CULTEX RFS
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Whole exposure module composed of the basic CULTEX RFS module and the exposure top with the aerosol supply system integrated into a rack system functioning as a locking device.

CULTEX RFS  A detailed description of
(Radial Flow System)
- The Modular System for air-liquid exposure


Overview Whole exposure module composed of the basic CULTEX RFS  module and the exposure top with the aerosol supply system integrated into a rack system functioning as a locking device. The exposure top can be fitted tightly to the basic module, thus realising a close connection between the two parts before exposure. The basic module houses
three culture inserts, which can be separately supplied with medium by a computer-controlled pump. If necessary,
the module can be completed by an electrostatic device for efficient and complete particle deposition.

• One modular system for 6.5 mm, 12 mm and 24 mm transwell inserts as well as Petri dishes. Use of commercially    
   available cell culture inserts (COSTAR® and Falcon®)
• Exchangeable gas inlets according to the insert type chosen
• All components are autoclavable
• Manufactured from boron silicate glass and polished stainless steel
• Integration of the module into a specially designed rack system for stability and comfortable handling
  – Easy loading of the insert positions by moving the basic module on the rack system
  – Tight connection to the exposure top by a specially designed locking device
• Efficient connection to the generation device for the test atmosphere via the central gas inlet
• Cell culture maintenance
  – Individual medium supply for all three insert vessels via separate medium inlets
  – Adjusted and controlled medium flow through the insert vessels
  – Static, intermittent or continuous medium supply of the cultures via individual in-and outlets for each transwell vessel
  – Integrated water heating circuit, controlled by an external water bath
• Direct exposure of the biological test system
  – Test atmosphere entering the CULTEX RFS module via a central inlet from which three radial tubes guide the  
  atmosphere to the insert vessels for exposure
  – Individual exposure of the three insert positions via gas in- and outlets
  – Homogeneous distribution and deposition of particles on the surface of the test cultures
• Dose-dependent exposure
• Stability and robustness of the system lead to reproducible results
• Measurement of various endpoints
  – analysis of morphological, biochemical, molecular biological and genetic endpoints
• Direct exposure of monolayer cultures and tissue constructs

• Integration of an electrostatic exposure device for efficient particle deposition without interfering with cell maintenance


In this position, the three individual gas inlets can be seen on the underside side of the exposure top, fitting exactly into the insert vessels thus realising a continuous flow of the test atmosphere above the test organisms regulated via flow controllers and a vacuum pump.


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