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New cell culture equipment—the automatic cell culture insert system(Cultex LTC-C)

 Cultex® Laboratories GmbH (“Cultex”) in Hannover, Germany has recently released a new member in its range of in vitro cell culture equipment, the automatic cell culture insert system, CULTEX® Long-Term Cultivation - Continuous (“Cultex LTC-C”).

Cultex specializes in in vitro toxicology studies and, as one of the world’s leaders in the research and development of in vitro exposure systems and technologies, has patented the Cultex® in vitro exposure systems, continuously improving and optimizing these systems and the techniques based on the experimental results of their in vitro studies.

 In the process of their long-term in vitro toxicology studies, Cultex scientists found that the traditional manual cell culture insert technique was not able to meet the requirements of these studies. Operation of the traditional culture process is very complex, requiring a great deal of manpower and time, and the experimental results and repeatability still cannot be assured due to the uncertainty of manual operations, even with experienced personnel. This can lead to loss of time and funding that is often difficult to support.


After years of continuous development and tests, Cultex has now designed the CULTEX® LTC-C, a fully automatic system for cell cultivation to improve the repeatability of cell culture insert experiments. The LTC-C is a computer-controlled system to cultivate cells in cell culture inserts at the air-liquid interface over a long period of time. The system consists of an incubator module (or up to four modules using the CULTEX® LTC Rack), a control unit and browser-based software. The software can automatically organize the exchange of cell culture medium (complete or partially) and control the medium level via an ultrasonic sensor (with a level deviation of 0.2 mm). In addition, the fresh medium can be heated evenly before it reaches the incubator module, which can be operated under cell-specific conditions in a CO2 incubator.


With the CULTEX® LTC-C, the repeated and tedious manual operations of the traditional cell cultivation method can be reduced or even omitted, e.g. pre-heating, manual addition, irregular refilling and medium exchange. There is also no condition difference between the plates in the LTC-C. What the CULTEX® LTC-C provides to all researchers are stable cell cultivation conditions, which can be monitored and controlled in real time. The system eliminates the impact of manual operation on the cell cultivation and provides in vitro cell tests with unmatched repeatability and stability. In addition, the CULTEX® LTC-C makes the study of environmental effects on cultured cells easier with its precise control of the cell culture conditions.


CULTEX® LTC-C can be used together with different brands of commercially available cell culture inserts, e.g. COSTAR® and Falcon®.


 It can also be widely used for many different types of cell culture studies, e.g.


1)      Cultivation of epithelial cells at the air-liquid interface (differentiation studies; preparation of cells for exposure studies)

2)      3D cultivation studies

3)      Tumour cell migration studies

4)      Tumour cell invasion experiments

5)      Chemotaxis studies

6)      Chemotaxis/dynamics studies


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