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Cooperation Agreement executed with Cultex Laboratories GmbH

 Cooperation Agreement executed with Cultex Laboratories GmbH:Beijing Biolaunching Tech. Co., Ltd (“Biolaunching”) and Cultex Laboratories GmbH (“Cultex”) executed a Cooperation Agreement in Hannover, Germany on Jan. 20, 2014. Biolaunching will be responsible for marketing, sales, technical consultation and post-sales support services for the Cultex products in China. Both parties will also cooperate on the promotion of the leading in-vitro toxicology systems and well-developed experimental solutions into the field of toxicology in China.

About Cultex

Cultex Laboratories GmbH was formed in July 2007 by Prof. Dr. Ulrich Mohr and Prof. Dr. Michaela Aufderheide, to further advance their activities in the in-vitro toxicology sector. Both founders have outstanding track records in cutting edge research, development and implementation relating to the in-vitro analysis of airborne gases, volatile compounds and complex mixtures with a special focus on "real" exposure situations.


Cultex specializes in in-vitro studies, owns the patents of the Cultex in-vitro exposure systems, and continuously improves and optimizes these systems and the techniques based on the experimental results of such in-vitro studies. The Cultex systems, e.g. CULTEX® RFS, have been used in all kinds of in-vitro research and studies. Cultex is able to offer its clients a full service spectrum spanning advice, planning and execution – underpinned by the development of new techniques within in-vitro toxicology with special emphasis on inhalation toxicology.


The company is headquartered at the Medical Park Hannover / Northern Germany. For more information, please refer to