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Cultex® Laboratories GmbH releases a new exposure module, CULTEX® RFS Compact

Recently, Cultex® Laboratories GmbH, one of the world’s leaders in the research and development of cell-based exposure systems and cultivation technologies, announced they have released a new in vitro exposure module - CULTEX® RFS Compact for researchers in relative fields.

The CULTEX® RFS Compact combines all the advantages characterizing their high-precision CULTEX® RFS, high stability and robustness of the exposure process – essential preconditions for the generation of reproducible data. The CULTEX® RFS Compact is designed to house one type of cell culture insert size and can also be equipped with the CULTEX® Electrical Deposition Device for an enhanced particle deposition.


·                Direct exposure of the biological test system

·                Combined exposure to clean air and the test aerosol or to the respective test atmosphere alone

·                Test atmosphere entering the CULTEX® RFS Compact via a central inlet from which six radial tubes guide the atmosphere to the cell culture inserts for exposure

·                Individual exposure of the six positions via gas in- and outlets

·                Homogeneous distribution and deposition of particles on the surface of the test cultures

·                Dose-dependent exposure

·                Individual medium supply for six cell culture inserts via separate medium inlets

·                Stability and robustness of the system lead to reproducible results

·                Measurement of various endpoints

·                Analysis of histopathological, biochemical, molecular biological and genetic endpoints

·                Direct exposure of mono- as well as co-cultures and tissue constructs of cell lines/primary cells of the respiratory tract or skin


Integration of an electrostatic exposure device for efficient particle deposition without interfering with cell maintenance

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