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Simple Western

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Product Name: Simple Western
Product Type: Simon
Exhibitors: ProteinSimple
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Simple Western Size-based assays are fully automated by Simon. Sample loading, size-based separation, immunoprobing, washing, detection and quantitative data analysis are done automatically.

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The Simple Western™

So what is it? Its a Western with none of the hassle. No messy gels, no transfer tanks, no blots, no imaging, no manual analysis. Its just simple!

Meet Simon™

Simply load your samples, push a button and walk away. Come back a few hours later to fully analyzed data. Simon also tweets when results are ready just in case you lose track of your new hands-free time.

He Does It All

Simon automates everything. He separates proteins by size, incubates with primary and secondary antibodies, detects your target proteins and tells you their molecular weights.

Hes Analytical

The big question: how much of my protein is there? Blot transfer of proteins is inconsistent and makes analysis semi-quantitative at best. Simon lets you get straight to real, quantitative results.

Hes Consistent

People introduce variability, we just cant help it. Simon gives you more reproducible data, even with multiple users. You get consistent results today, tomorrow, next week, next month and next year. 
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